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Join over 400 Leaders Transforming their Teams & Cultures  

“A company can only become the-best-version-of-itself to the extent that its employees are becoming better versions of themselves."


-  Matthew Kelly


You need an engaged and empowered team to successfully grow your business.  

The destiny of your organization and the destiny of the people who drive your organization are inseparably linked. The problem is the great majority of the people in the workplace today are disengaged at some level. To varying extents, they don’t feel connected to their work, the organizations they work in, or the people they work with. 

73% of the workforce is disengaged. Which means they aren’t doing their best work and getting results. Most business owners struggle to build an incredible team and grow their business because... 

  • They don’t invest in their team to help them grow. 

  • They don’t understand the powerful connection between the dreams of employees and the goals of their organization.  

  • They haven‘t created a coaching culture to ensure their team is supported both personally and professionally.  

Companies with a Certified Dream Manager experience high levels of employee engagement, improved retention, and dynamic cultures. They also attract incredible talent.  


As a Certified Dream Manager, you’ll receive:  

  • Extensive training on Dream Manager Program implementation (2-day training taught by a Floyd coach, followed by 12 months of group coaching) 

  • Licensing to use the monthly training curriculum of The Dream Manager

  • Right to hold oneself out as Certified Dream Manager 

  • Right to purchase Dream Manager participant materials to use with participants/clients 

  • Support from the Floyd team  

How to become a Certified Dream Manager:




Attend the Certification Training



Start coaching your team to become the-best-version-of-themselves 

Certified Dream Managers are uniquely trained to unleash the powerful connection between the dreams of employees and the goals of their organizations because:  


The Process is Proven  


The Curriculum is Simple and Powerful  


The Dream Manager name is Trusted  


2024 Dream Manager Certification Dates

July 24-25

October 24-25


Jupiter, FL 

What Dream Managers Have to Say

"Every company needs a Dream Manager and Floyd Consulting is where it all begins. If you're ready to invest in your people, it's time to choose your designated Dream Manager (it might be you!) and have them become a Certified Dream Manager with Floyd. The training is time efficient, engaging, and really lays out a plan to get your program off the ground."

– Julie Carnegie Reams, President, CK-Caregivers, LLC

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